How to update Norton Internet Security.

In many cases, users encounter problems when trying to install any update using LiveUpdate. It is very important to update your antivirus program so that it can protect your system against any updated virus that could be injected into the World Wide Web.

Here is the only reason that companies always provide updates to the program, and thanks to updates users receive the latest antivirus features that ensure them full security from any activity. So it’s possible that when you try to install the update you get an error saying that “LiveUpdate has neglected to install some updates” from Norton and the Norton security live update failed to complete.

This problem occurs because there is a problem with the Live Update servers and may be temporary. If you cannot start LiveUpdate after 24 hours and you do not know how to download and install Norton Small Business, you need to get the help of technicians to solve the problem through the Norton toll-free support number, and if you want to solve this problem manually, please carefully steps provided by our experts.

Measures to resolve the “LiveUpdate service failed to install some updates” problem in Norton.

Step 1: Restart the device and restart it with administrative privileges.

Step 2: Then you need to check the virus definition date.

Step 3: To do this, users must double-click the “Norton safety” icon, which is available on the desktop or taskbar.

Step 4: Then you need to go to the “main window” of the antivirus program, and then you must click “security”.

Step 5: Now you need to go to the “security status index” and then to “definition” and check the date.

Step 6: Then, if the displayed date is less than one day, wait 24 hours and then run Live Update again, and if the date is longer than 1 day, you need to update the virus definitions using the intellect update tool.

Step 7: If you want to update the virus definition, you need to go to the smart updater download page, which is available on the official website.

Step 8: The document name will start from the whole year and end with “v5i32.exe”.

Step 9: Now save the document to your desktop and then double-click the saved file.

If you are still dealing with this error and cannot fix it, contact the experts via your Norton support number free of charge at any time because we are available 24×7.

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