How To Fix AOL Mail on Android Not Working?

AOL is just one of those great email programs that provides free email services for non-subscribers using smartphones. But there can be many glitches in the AOL program that sometimes got stuck in their own Android device, which contributes to the failure of AOL email on Android. This barrier appears mainly due to work with the outdated version of Android or the aol mail not working. A bad internet connection may also occasionally activate this case.

So if you are dealing with this annoying problem and are looking for a stable solution to this problem, then this is the right page where you landed. In this informative article, we will discuss all possible causes and possible solutions to this problem as soon as possible.

Possible Android AOL mail repair procedures do not work

We have developed a number of effective procedures that help eliminate the problem. You can try one or all of these processes until the problem is resolved.

Method 1: Check the online connection on your Android device

A poor internet connection may be the main cause of this error. It is therefore very important to check your internet connection to prevent this kind of obstacle on your own Android device. Here are some of the following measures to achieve this:

Turn on your own Android camera and launch the Program menu. Then go to Preferences from the list.

Open Preferences and discover the Wireless and Network link somewhere in the middle of the list. 

Now turn on the mobile data connection and turn off Wi-Fi, and then check if the network works great. However, if your internet connection is slow, go to Network from the list. 

Open a network segment and search the device network by tapping Search manually.

After the search is complete, you can view a list of all networks offered on your Android device. 

Choose a compatible system on your device from the system list and restart your own Android system.

Now check if the AOL program is working properly or not. If you still can’t get the AOL service, try another method under.

Method 2: Evaluate all preferences for the AOL program

Sometimes there may be some modifications to the AOL service that allow the program to exit. That’s why you need to cross-check several AOL program configurations. Here are some of the following measures to achieve this: 

Open AOL, initially, and then click Add Account to log in to your accounts.

Enter your AOL email ID and password and press OK to enter. Then select the Manual setting from the menu. 

Now tap IMAP account settings and fill in the field exactly as specified on the screen. Now set the security type to none and the interface must be “143, IMAP, and the host must be 

Choose another “Next” option and change the SMTP and AOL account outgoing server preferences. 

Now click Next and then tap OK to save the changes and then log in to the AOL account.

Check if the AOL program works on your own Android device or not. If the problem persists and you can’t access technical support, try another process at

Method 3: Uninstall and reinstall the AOL program

Sometimes the program will be damaged, which ends with a message on the screen with the message “Near program”. In such cases, you want to uninstall AOL support and then reinstall it to restore the service as before. Here are some of the following measures to achieve this:

Turn on your own Android system and go to Preferences from the menu, then launch it. 

Look for options in the list and click Default apps on your device.

Now search for AOL from the list of all programs and tap on it.

This will display two options, Force Stop and Uninstall. Select Uninstall and then click OK again to verify the procedure.

 After the installation is completed, go to the Play Store service and hunt down AOL from the search field.

Click the Install button to install the program.

Log in to your account by entering your email ID and password, and check that your own Android system supports AOL back.


These four approaches are best to solve the problem of AOL broken email on Android. You can try each of these approaches one by one until the challenge is fixed in your camera. I hope this article was satisfying enough to help you get the most out of an Android AOL email that doesn’t work in 2018.

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